Why post on Pharmacy Work?

We know that hiring is tough, especially in the healthcare field. We know because we have been in your shoes. You don’t have time to look into targeting the right people. You need qualified people, and you need them now.
You could post your job on social media and pay money to boost the post in the hopes that the right person my see it. There are other job boards available, and you could post to them. However, they are expensive and you don’t have any guarantee that your positions will get in front of the people you want.
The available qualified applicants make it hard enough to hire, you shouldn’t have to worry that the jobs available don’t reach them in the first place.
So what next?
Well, that’s where we come in. We are experienced pros in digital marketing and running successful job boards. We have a growing community of social media followers and advanced marketing campaign techniques to make sure that the right people see your job.

We are one of the only job board platforms that are specifically catered to the health care field, and the only one that includes all of the below features for find your next employee!

What's included in your purchase?

This allows us to be more effective in finding possible employees in your area, as well as having users across the country view your job. We are the only job board platform that does this, and it leads to substantially more applicants for your position!
It’s like a recruiting platform in itself, minus the complexity and costs of actually hiring a recruiter.
So there you have it. A simple, cost effective way to get your job openings to the right people. Have a question or concern about the platform?
Get in touch at hello@pharmacywork.co! We’re always happy to chat.